The Bull Run in Shirley, MA is having Lose Your Blues Night Every Wednesday. Sponsored by Gage Cannabis Co.

The Bull Run – A Historic Venue

The Bull Run has been a Tavern for centuries, and in our family in Shirley for 77 years now. It was the first stop on the Boston-to-Albany stagecoach route, with bedrooms upstairs, food and drink available downstairs, and multiple large fireplaces to stay warm in winter. News traveled along with the stagecoaches, and locals interacted with travelers as they all gathered around the fire to socialize, play music and share stories over dinner. Today, we’ve turned the bedrooms into small private dining rooms, but our historic Tavern remains a touchpoint for community gatherings, live music, good food and camaraderie year round.

New Features – Same Nostalgia

We’ve revamped in some ways – becoming a Certified Green Restaurant that serves up modern drinks & fare – but you feel you’ve stepped back in time when you walk over the same wide pine floorboards, and gather around the same barrel tables and roaring fireplaces that travelers and locals have for more than 200 years. You’ll also find live entertainment across every genre, including Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country and Comedy every week.

Lose Your Blues Music Series – Partnering With Gage

Gage Cannabis, like Bull Run, is among the first purveyors of its kind in this community. Gage offers a premium experience for locals and travelers alike. The Bull Run is delighted to partner with Gage for our weekly Lose Your Blues music series. There’s no cover charge or fee, just hot Blues, great food and a warm welcome. Come listen to live, local Blues every Wednesday night in the relaxed, authentic atmosphere of our Bull Run, presented by Gage Cannabis, the premium experience.

We look forward to seeing you!

-Alison & George Tocci, Innkeepers

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