Don Carlos

Don Carlos Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Don Carlos is a cross between Blackberry OG and Humboldt Sour Diesel. Its fragrant buds present sour, fruity, and diesel notes, that bloom in hues of purple and green. An indica-dominant hybrid with well-balanced effects. Consumers report an uplifting and euphoric high that’s great for any cannabis connoisseur….

Gilz Nilz

A cross between Georgia Pine and The White has resulted in a strain that’s evenly balanced and offers a wide range of effects. Both flavors and aromas are the same with a sweet and earthy combination that’s accented by florals, wood, and spice….

Too Cool

Too Cool a Hybrid Cannabis strain grown by Central Harvest

A slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa). The perfect balanced hybrid to help you kick back and feel your coolest, this bud is reported by consumers to have a calming full-bodied effect and sweet and fruity berry cherry flavor with a super spicy diesel and menthol aromas….

Mike’s Strawberry Lemonade

Mike's Strawberry Lemonade a Hybrid Cannabis strain grown by Central Harvest

From one of Central Harvest’s favorite breeders Exotic Genetix. A strain from his Strawberries & Cream line of crosses. This one combines S & C w/ lemon tree. During the curing process we are noticing strong tangy/sour lemon nose with prevailing, minor hints of berry as well. …

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