Falcon 9 Indica Cannabis Strain pictured here in Week 12 of Flowering at Central Harvest.

Falcon 9


Strain Info

Harvested: 03.14.2023 Tested: 04.23.2023 Packaged: 05.03.2023

Total Active Cannabinoids: 32.1%

THCa: 30.2 ∆9-THC: .8 CBGa: .83 CBG: .21

Total Terpenes: 1.97%

Caryophyllene: .35 Myrcene: .39 Limonene: .56

This one is for the lovers, (Indica lovers that is) Sunset Sherbert and Tina sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g = Falcon 9. Though at first this indica-dominant strain may appear to be gassy, it is also accompanied by a delightful ice cream flavor and the slightest hint of citrus. Where there is love aka Falcon 9, there is less anxiety, depression, and insomnia, as reported by consumers.

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