Pistachio is a Hybrid Cannabis Strain grown at Central Harvest



Strain Info

Harvested: 03.07.2024 Tested: 04.23.2024 Packaged: 05.06.2024

Total Active Cannabinoids: 32.67%

THCa: 28.93 THCVa: 1.21 Δ9-THC: 1.02 CBGa: 0.79 CBCa: 0.54 CBG: 0.18

Total Terpenes: 1.92%

Myrcene: 0.85 Pinene: 0.41 Caryophyllene: 0.19

Get ready to crack open a shell of delight with Pistachio, a captivating indica-leaning hybrid born from the fusion of P-61 and Fortune Cookies. This strain tantalizes the senses with its aroma reminiscent of roasted nuts with a subtle gas undertone, while its flavor brings the creamy goodness of pistachio ice cream to your taste buds, making every puff a treat for the palate. Despite its indica-leaning genetics, Pistachio surprises with energizing and focused effects that uplift your mood and sharpen your creativity. It’s the perfect companion whether you’re unwinding with friends or diving into a solo project, offering a flavorful and invigorating cannabis experience that keeps you engaged and inspired. Discover Pistachio and indulge in its unique blend of flavors and effects that add a playful twist to your cannabis sessions. Embrace the nutty delight and uplifting vibes of Pistachio, crafted to enhance your enjoyment and keep the good times rolling with each enjoyable session.


Locally grown in Ayer, Massachusetts.

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