Author: Autumn Lopez

If you’ve never heard of Green Wednesday, you’re not alone! While popular cannabis holidays, like 4/20 and 7/10 (OIL day) have entered the mainstream, Green Wednesday remains a hidden gem to many, despite being the second largest cannabis holiday behind 4/20. It falls on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and is the cannabis industry’s version of Black Friday, with deals and bundles launching just in time for the big holiday weekend and the ever-important “cousin walks”. But what’s the story behind this green extravaganza, and how can you make the most of Green Wednesday this year? Let’s dive in and light up the history!


Green Wednesday sprouted its roots in 2016 when it was coined by the California cannabis delivery company EAZE after they noticed a huge rise in sales the day before Thanksgiving. It’s the OG cannabis shopping day, with amazing deals and discounts that have made it a tradition for both recreational and medical consumers. One 2022 study from Ayr Wellness found that 70% of consumers use Green Wednesday to stock up on products to share with friends and family over Thanksgiving, and 64% of respondents said cannabis would replace alcohol during the holiday.

Cannabis and Thanksgiving

Holidays stressing you out? You’re not alone! A whopping 38% of folks report increased stress leading up to Thanksgiving. Enter cannabis, the ultimate stress-buster. Green Wednesday’s discounted prices are your golden ticket to a chill holiday season. From stress relief to enhancing your Thanksgiving dinner, cannabis can be the secret ingredient for a lit celebration.  And did you know cannabis can give you the ultimate foodie experience, making your grandma’s stuffing taste like a five-star meal? 🍴

Stress Relief

It’s no secret that cannabis has a reputation for helping consumers relax and unwind. Many cannabis products have been specifically designed to curb anxiety, while other products can enhance your (and your guests!) mood – helping to avoid those notorious kitchen table debates. If you or your guests are new to cannabis, products like edibles, infused beverages, and vapes can be a wonderful, beginner-friendly way to consume. Plus, they’re delicious!

Enhance Your Dinner

Did you know that cannabis can stimulate your appetite and make food taste and smell better? Studies have shown that cannabis stimulates dopamine which results in feelings of joy, euphoria, and a heightened appetite, often referred to as “the munchies.” Incorporating cannabis into your Thanksgiving celebrations can be a great way to help you make room for seconds, or thirds (we don’t judge). A 2014 study also found that cannabis can actually enhance your sense of smell and taste, resulting in a much more enjoyable dinner experience. 

In short, Green Wednesday is an amazing way for new and experienced consumers to cash in on awesome holiday deals and elevate their Thanksgiving celebrations. From stress relief to mood enhancement and a heightened sense of taste and smell, cannabis might just be your new favorite holiday tradition! If you’re interested in what Green Wednesday has to offer, stop by Gage and check out our upcoming deals!

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