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Author: Jason “Cannadad” Foss

Making the Mundane Interesting with Cannabis

Using small doses of Cannabis to improve your mental health

There are some spectacular events that take place over the course of the lives of the people that you value:

  1. You
  2. Your Partner
  3. Children
  4. Other Family Members
  5. Friends

However, between those events there is time that you will have to do things that you would rather not. The people in your life mean the world to you, so the last thing you want to do is selfishly be a “Debbie downer.” When this happens it is a great time to bring Cannabis into the situation (Safely of course). Try to insert Cannabis for the sake of changing your feelings about the event.

Start “Low & Slow”

Start “Low & Slow” there is no need to finish that pre-roll, packed bowl, or take 10 rips off a vape pen. A couple of pulls of your favorite medium will go a long way. It’s not a race or contest with yourself to test how much you can handle before you become a vegetable. Introduce a little bit or Micro-dose like:

There may be a little bit of anxiety that sets in at some point, but focus on having conversations and engaging with the ones you care about. The time with the people you care about is more important than your feelings about the activity. There is no guarantee that you will have a great time, but it will surely be more interesting than it would have been otherwise. Half the battle in those situations is that you show support to others you care about, and do your best to make the experience enjoyable for that person. You will find that their enjoyment and gratitude for your effort creates a positive experience for everyone involved.

Music Becomes a Mentally Stimulating Experience with Cannabis

You ever wonder why there has been such a connection between live music and Cannabis? Here is a little experiment. Make a playlist of some of your favorite music (probably about 15 songs). Listen to the playlist in the car or at home for the 1st time un-medicated and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now comes the experiment… Consume your favorite form of Cannabis at home; whether that be Flower, Pre-Roll, Vaporizer, Concentrate or Edible. If it is an edible you take, wait for about an hour, but otherwise hit play on the same playlist. Songs take on a new life when you consume. Listen to the parts of the song you may have neglected in the past:
  • Listen to the lyrics or even read along to them through a Google search on on iTunes
  • Try to pick out the difference between rhythm and lead guitar (if the song has both).
  • Isolate the bass-line or low end in your mind and hum along to it.
Ethos Apex F1 is a Hybrid Cannabis Strain grown by Central Harvest
Our team has created a custom playlist specific to the strain "Ethos Apex F1"

The bottom line is that shifting your focus to the music at this moment has effectively taken your mind on a journey. You will find that shifting your focus onto the music will help your mind venture into new territory and any negative things bothering you won’t seem important. Just you and your musical journey.

Tune Out & Tune In with Cannabis Meditation


The definition of meditate: To engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness). If you are someone who already meditates regularly try adding a little Cannabis to your routine. If you don’t already meditate, why not try? When you consume a little Cannabis at the end of your day, throw on some calming music with no words. Sit still for about 10 minutes and focus on your breathing while losing yourself in the music. Reflect on the things you can control and let go of the things you can’t. Taking just a few minutes to take inventory of your thoughts can go a long way in changing your perspective from negative to positive.

Positivity is Contagious

From time to time we all have a tendency to get a little cynical or even downright negative about life in general. When this happens, we can choose to fall down the rabbit hole of negativity, or we can take action knowing that something has to change to get out of the funk. There is no claim that Cannabis is the solution to this problem, however if you do consume there is definitely going to be a  psychological

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reaction and an opportunity to shift your mind onto better things. Whenever you can successfully alter your negative thoughts, there is an opportunity to become a more positive person as a whole. When an effort is made for that adjustment in your life, you might find that others want to be around you more. As a result, you will feel more fulfilled. Positivity is not only going to improve your quality of life, but be contagious to the others around you.

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