Author: Chelsea MacDonald-Coffin

What is Cannabis Wellness?

When it comes to Cannabis, it seems the possibilities are endless (because they are). While Cannabis continues to be an ever-growing and dominant industry, we explore the ways cannabis contributes all of its magic to our overall wellness.

There are four main categories of Cannabis Wellness:

  1. Social
  2. Physical
  3. Spiritual
  4. Intellectual

One Size Does Not Fit All…

The use of cannabis affects each and every person in a very distinctive way.

Factors to Consider:

  • The form you are consuming your cannabis
  • The strain type you choose
  • Chemical make-up of your unique DNA.

These are excellent starting points for anyone looking to explore cannabis and implement it into their wellness routine.

Bring Back Socialization

Lets start by getting Social. Lets be honest, we are in a heightened age of much of our communication being in the digital world. We are still coming out of a pandemic that took a toll on socialization as a whole. That transition from IG chats, Zoom Meetings, and emails has made socialization both vital and intimidating at times… But fear not. When visiting us, let your budtender know exactly what experience you are looking for. For me, I lean into edibles for social settings at a low dose of 2-5mg and of a strain that provides vitality, clarity and a bit of creativity.

Edibles – Their Effects & Wellness Benefits

Edibles are developed by either infusing cooking oil or butter with cannabis extract, or by mixing extract directly into other ingredients. Because edibles are digested and absorbed by your stomach and liver, the activation is often longer than other consumption methods, taking on average 45 minutes, and sometimes up to 2 hours, but usually result in a longer lasting high.

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Lately I have been into the Bliss Drops for creative meetings. When in more of a party scene, I lean into the Micro-dosed Cann Seltzers- these canna-beverages provide an uplifting, hangover-free buzz and it doesn’t hurt that they have a delicious taste, made with all natural ingredients.

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Lean On Sativas

While cannabis has gained popularity for its recreation use, it has also been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. However, the general misconception that cannabis is only for recreational purposes is wrong-o. Cannabis can also be used to enhance the mind and the body’s well-being, especially that of the Physical. Using cannabis while working out can produce a flow-state- if you were going to try cannabis before exercising, it may be best to start with a Sativa strain. By implementing cannabis into your workout routine, you are able to alleviate fatigue from your body, providing energy and making repetitive exercises more pleasurable. Also if you haven’t tried stretching while being high… you’re entirely missing out. Remember the Big Comfy Couch? It’s basically the same concept except a little less PBS and a lot more gratifying. Grab your foam roller and comfiest mat or rug and get it done babe. You’ll feel like a million buckaroos after.

Incorporating wellness into your cannabis regimen can positively impact your life, especially if you are looking to improve your spiritual side. As a Pisces, I find much of what I do in life to be rather spiritual and cannabis absolutely provides an opportunity to elevate that.

Escaping Everyday Worries

Using cannabis before meditation and mindfulness practices can help you relax and focus on the present moment. However, ensure that you choose the right strain with optimal THC and CBD levels to help engage in the practice and not become too stoned. Or get stoned man, there is no judgement here. It can be argued that most people use cannabis as a way to escape reality… but is that a bad thing? We live in a high-tech times people. I don’t know about you, but for my sanity, sometimes I need to not only escape reality, but affirm the reality that I want. Cannabis can provide a certain balance of recognition in what our mind and body needs and the ability to tap into our imagination. If you are feeling a little curious and want to get freaky, I dare you to incorporate cannabis into your meditation and affirmation routine:

  • Step one: Consume your cannabis.
  • Step two: Look up a guided meditation and allow your mind to chill the eff out. 
  • Step three: After that little mental brain gym, write down your affirmations.

Keep track of your goals and reflect on them at least once a month. Your life will transform you magical being you.

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Dave Brobeck - Central Harvest Cultivation Manager Meeting Gage Customers at The Aroma Bar.

“Highly” Functional

So we now know that Cannabis is a powerful, magical, cool, sexy, diverse plant that has several positive effects on the body and mind an ultimately provides balance: from reducing stress and anxiety, boosting creativity, exploring new ways of thinking, pain relief and energy inducing… there would be no way it has another super power. Jk, it totally does. Now Stoners haven’t had the best reputation over decades. We have been made out to be lazy, silly, wooky, and downright dumb… and honestly, we are here to change that narrative. A wide variety of people consume cannabis and a high fraction of those people tend to be highly intellectual. 

Some of the most successful cannabis enthusiasts include but are not limited to Bill Gates, Snoop Dogg, Ghost Face, Oliver Sacks, Margaret Mead, and our Lord and Savior, Rihanna. Not only do these geniuses endorse the use of cannabis, and (its going to sound biased), but our own team is hella knowledgable. Have you met Dave in Central Harvest cultivation? Brilliant!

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Balance is Key!

Okay Class, so what have we learned? A: Prioritizing wellness is essential because it encourages a balanced lifestyle. Incorporating wellness into your cannabis regimen can help reduce the negative day to day blues that life can bring. Not only is fusing wellness into your cannabis routine realistic and possible, but it can have a profound impact on your overall well-being. 

Step into your highest self (pun intended) and find your spiritual side. Put your gottttt damn phone down and sip a seltzer and have a meaningful conversation. Try some tincture and make like Olivia Newton John (RIP our queen) and get physical. Or dive deep in exploring your area of expertise you evil little genius.

Bio written by: Steve Genovese
Photo by: Kayte Demont

About the Author: A leader by example, cultivated in fashion, music, entertainment, and hospitality, Chelsea has been humbled all over the damn place.

The product of a tumultuous childhood, that resulted in learning deep love, community, and hustle, Chelsea is the consummate advocate, lifting creatives and their crafts. She perfected this passion in cities across the U.S. – L.A., Boston, Miami, Nashville – and brings to the creative space an infallible work ethic, grounded in empathy and deep love. She is the perfect blend of sass and compassion.

Community Over Competition

Chelsea’s goal is to bring creative work to the highest level by supporting and uplifting the community. She cares deeply about her craft (perhaps to a fault), but sees the need to develop industry-wide synergy and knows her focus on ‘community first’ will bring all creatives forward together.

When not working hard, Chelsea can be found on the beach or at the gym working up a sweat. She can’t get enough seafood, and loves sharing oysters outdoors with friends

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