You’ve probably heard about cannabis concentrates as a dispensary customer in Massachusetts, but you may have some questions. This article from Gage Cannabis Co. explains what these products are and gives a brief overview of the most popular concentrates. We also tell you why cannabis lovers celebrate the unofficial ‘710 holiday’ on July 10th.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are refined, more potent forms of marijuana derived from the flower of the plant we know and love. Concentrates are made using a process called extraction, which isolates and removes the essential compounds in cannabis, specifically, cannabinoids (like THC) and terpenes.

The taste and potency of your favorite cannabis concentrates depends on the quality of the source strain and the extraction method. Because of their high potency and immediate activation time, many connoisseurs and experienced Massachusetts consumers alike prefer cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates can be consumed in a variety of ways. You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘dabbing’, which refers to applying a small amount of concentrate on a device called a dab rig and inhaling.

Adult-use cannabis consumers in Massachusetts also use portable vaporizers or dab pens to consume concentrates. These dab pens or wax pens are arguably the most discreet way to enjoy high concentrates.

Solventless vs. Solvent-Based Extraction

There’s one topic we need to cover before we get to the fun part, and that is solventless vs solvent-based extraction. There is a debate in the cannabis industry as to which method is better. We won’t get into that here but just give you the facts.

Solvent-based concentrates, as the name suggests, are made with the use of a solvent. These solvents include butane, supercritical CO2, and ethanol alcohol. By law, these solvents must be removed before being sold in your local Massachusetts adult-use dispensary.

Solventless extraction methods utilize machines with highly heated plates called rosin presses. Instead of a solvent, intense pressure and heat squeeze out the trichome-containing liquid from cannabis flower. These heavy-duty machines can be thought of as hydraulic presses for concentrate makers.

What are the Different Kinds of Cannabis Concentrates?

Here are examples of some of the most popular kinds of cannabis concentrates. For a comprehensive listing of the high-quality marijuana concentrates that Gage Cannabis Co. has to offer, be sure to check out our menu.


Cannabis shatter has a yellowish color, and is brittle and translucent. Shatter is called as such because it will break apart and snap easily, and bears a resemblance to dried honey when looked at closely.


Wax has a gooey and sticky texture, making it easier to handle than its cannabis oil counterpart. Experienced consumers like to roll a joint with a small amount of wax on top, or place it on top of a glass bowl of flower. And of course, you can always enjoy some wax in your vape pen.


Dating back thousands of years, hash is the oldest cannabis concentrate. Hash is often made by heating and pressing kief, which are the detached trichomes of the cannabis plant.

Another popular hash-making method is called ice water bubble hash. The ice water freezes, separates, and detaches the trichomes from the cannabis plant using agitation.

Cannabis Oil

Typically light brown-colored, cannabis oil is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates. Cannabis oil can be consumed in several different ways, the most popular of which is with a pre-packaged vaporizer cartridge, also called a ‘vape cart.’

Live ResinUnlike its other cannabis concentrate relatives, live resin is made from freshly harvested cannabis plant material

that hasn’t been dried or cured. Some connoisseurs believe this method preserves the flavor profiles of their favorite strains.


Also called batter or butter, cannabis budder is aptly named for its buttery texture. Budder is a solid and waxy cannabis concentrate that is similar to crumble. Cannabis budder, as you’d expect, is thinner and creamier than crumble.

DistillateDistillate is a cannabis concentrate that has a texture like that of marijuana oil. That extraction process distills and

isolates compounds (most commonly THC content) from all other parts of whole-plant cannabis.

Distillate has little flavor compared to the rest of the cannabis concentrates on this list. This substance could be highly beneficial for medical research, as distilled and isolated THC helps produce traceable and repeatable lab testing results.


Sometimes called ‘terp sauce,’ this cannabis concentrate is one for the flavor savers. Resembling applesauce due to its gooey texture, sauce is relatively low on THC, but tastes delicious. Terp Sauce is a great ingredient for consumers looking to add cannabis flavor to home-cooked dishes.

Moon Rocks

The magic of moon rocks has its origins in hip-hop music, as does much of modern-day cannabis. Legend has it that these tasty, high-THC content goodies are a creation of rapper/ mogul Kurupt and DJ Zodiak.

Cannabis buds with high THC levels are dipped in wax or oil and then sprinkled with an outer layer of kief. Kief is basically all of the gathered crystals you see at the bottom of your grinder.


THCA-Diamonds are a unique form of cannabis concentrates made with crystalline diamonds that remain after terpene sauce has been extracted. Diamonds tend to have high potency but are lacking in flavor.

Happy 710: A Celebration of Cannabis Concentrates

The long-standing cannabis holiday of 4:20 has a relatively well-documented origin story. However, the newer holiday celebrating cannabis concentrates is 710, which takes place on July 10. This number has now become the official term for cannabis oil because 710 upside down looks like the word ‘OIL’.

The first known reference to 710 as the official holiday for cannabis oil appeared in an article in the International Business Times, referring to it as “Dab Day”. Since then, many dabbing enthusiasts embrace 7:10 as a time to consume cannabis concentrates, much like 4:20 has been synonymous with smoking flower for decades.

Many adult-use states hold 710-specific events similar to the legendary Cannabis Cup, such as Arizona’s 710 Degree Cup. We hope to see such an event make its way to Massachusetts in the near future.

Concentrate On The Gage this 710!

As an adult-use dispensary in Massachusetts, we take our cannabis knowledge very seriously. It’s our business to stay up-to-date on the world of legal cannabis and marijuana concentrates.

And, naturally, one of the most intriguing sectors of our industry is concentrates. This is why you’ll find carefully and expertly curated selections on our Gage Cannabis Co. high-quality Concentrates Menu.

You won’t want to miss our 710 deals! Be sure to pre-order online or shop in person from our extensive menu and celebrate the unofficial 710 holiday with Gage Cannabis Co. When you’re ready to visit our store in Ayer, Massachusetts, one of our educated, passionate team members can answer all of your questions.

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