SIS-DMV an Indica Cannabis strain grown by Central Harvest



Harvested: 3.2.23 | Tested: 4.10.23 | Packaged: 4.19.23

Total Active Cannabinoids 36.1%​

THCa: % 33.6 | ∆9-THC: 1.1% | CBGa: 1.4%

Total Terpenes 2.55%​

Caryophyllene .62% | Myrcene .61% | Limonene .6%

A cross between SIS95 x I-95 (Triangle Kush x Legend OG x Stardawg). The Sister is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain that is said to be a rare “sister” cut of Chemdawg. Although led by indica genetics, The Sister provides uplifting, clear-headed euphoria that leaves the mind awake and nimble for creative endeavors while also kick-starting the appetite. Like her sister, this strain takes on a sweet citrus and sour diesel aroma.

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