Locally Dispensary Introduces New Experience and Makes Commitment to Enhance Terpene Education

Ayer, MA: Gage Cannabis Co, a locally owned and operated adult-use cannabis retailer, has launched a new and unique educational experience called “The Aroma Bar” within their dispensary in Ayer, MA. The Aroma Bar at Gage is a comfortable space where consumers are invited to consult with a “terp-tender” who provides smelling samples and explanations of individual terpenes. Through combining understanding of terpenes and the terpene profiles of the available flower, consumers are able to confidently choose products that are best suited to their desired effects.

Terpenes are a class of compounds that are responsible for the aroma and flavor in many plants including, but not limited to, cannabis. In the case of cannabis, terpenes also help guide the effects that the consumer will experience. For example, strains that have a high concentration of linalool (a terpene that is also commonly found in lavender) tend to be more relaxing and sedative than strains that have a high concentration of limonene (a terpene that is commonly found in citrus) which tend to have a mood elevating effect. 

After opening Gage in September of 2019, it became quickly apparent to Mark Hillier, Gage’s Chief Operating Officer, that consumers were making their purchasing decisions without having much experience navigating the vast selection of products available in the cannabis market. “For far too long, cannabis consumers in Massachusetts have been forced to make choices solely on strain names and how much THC they contain, but there is so much more to cannabis than that. We’ve taken on this initiative to help educate consumers on what makes each cultivar unique so they make selections that will create their desired experiences.”

Gage has also announced that it will only be carrying cannabis flower from cultivators who are able to provide terpene data. Currently, Massachusetts state regulations require licensed marijuana cultivators to test for cannabinoid content and while terpene testing is available, it is optional. “Understanding the terpene content is the norm in more mature markets,” says Hillier. “In some states, such as in Nevada, providing terpene testing information is required by state regulations. As a result, the consumers there have a much greater understanding of what they are getting. We’re happy to help Massachusetts consumers in this direction.”

Gage Cannabis Co. is a premium adult-use cannabis retailer in Ayer, Massachusetts with a mission to provide customers with a diverse selection of the best cannabis and cannabis-infused products available in Massachusetts. As a locally owned and operated company, Gage strives to do this in a manner that is respectful of the community, its staff, its customers, and the plant itself. Gage is located at 38 Littleton Rd in Ayer, Massachusetts and is open Sunday – Wednesday 10-8 and Thursday – Saturday 10 – 9. Visit www.gagecannabisco.com for more information.

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