Our Gage “Cannadad” has curated a list of his favorite product recommendations that are sure to please any Father. Whether you are shopping for your old man, your significant other or a dad looking to “TREAT HIMSELF”!
These products are sure to give the father figure in your life a memorable experience.

Disposable Vaporizers

We have plenty of 510 Vapes and PAX Pods that are a great offering for dads looking to experience a little euphoria without the whole world knowing. Disposables are a great way to keep it simple for your old man.

  • Approachable Pricing

    • Most disposables come in 0.3g and 0.5g.
  • No Need to Buy a Separate Battery

    • The device is small, portable and disposable.
  • Discrete

    • It is easy to step away from any family function and take a quick rip, without coming back smelling like you just walked through a shed full of skunks.
  • A Little Goes a Long Way

    • Just 1 to 5 quick pulls off the device (depending on one’s individual level of tolerance) and the mundane becomes a lot more interesting.

Pre-Roll Packs

What’s better than a pre-rolled joint? How about a pack of pre-rolls? Great for camping, hiking, tailgating or just hanging out in the backyard. Easy to share with friends without having to pass the dutchie… Puff, puff & keep it all to yourself!

  • Available in 2, 4, 5, 6, & 7-Packs

  • Sativa, Hybrid & Indica strains so you can choose based on your dad’s personality:

    • Sativa for the dad who likes to take on big projects or is engaged in physical activity.
    • Hybrid for a mix between relaxing by the pool and manning the grill.
    • Indica for the father that wants to relax, unwind and forget about the daily grind for a little while.
  • Available in sizes under 1g

    • Great for any situation where dad just wants to wind down a little, but not get lost in a haze.
    • .5g or less is the perfect size to be able to individually offer to a friend, so the two of you do not have to physically share, handle nor smoke the same pre-roll. (We don’t have to explain the value of that after the last few years).

Dabbing Daddy’s Who Slay the “Honey-Do List”

Sativa Leaning Concentrates

Concentrates are not for everyone. They generally need to be consumed in an oil rig or portable dab vaporizer of some sort and require a moderate amount of effort in terms of cleanup. With that said, the effects are fast and come on strong. For the dad seeking a little extra motivation to tackle those projects around the house, a couple of quick dabs, paired with his favorite music, can be just the thing to stay focused on the task at hand.

Citradelic Cookies Flower

27.2% TAC | 16% THC | 9.8% CBDA |
Dominant Terpenes: LimoneneCaryophylleneIsopulegol
The staff at Gage have been buzzing about this strain: it is a true “High CBD” flower that provides uplifting effects, which slowly fade into a state of relaxation. While THC has been known to raise the heart rate, CBD has the opposite effect. When combined, these cannabinoids provide a clarity and control that is slightly different from that which consumers report in flower with little to no CBD.  The terpene profile boasts a fruity citrus, berry, spice, and gassy aroma. This is a great strain to help clear out the “overthinking” process: it can bring on a smile, a clearer head and a “no-cares” attitude.

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