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Say TH See You Later To Booze!

Before you incorporate anything new into your wellness routine, there’s a crucial step you
should take: eliminating alcohol. Whether you’re embracing sobriety or simply reducing your
alcohol consumption, there are numerous alternatives to explore. But what makes the switch
worthwhile? Swapping alcohol for cannabis can bring about various benefits to your life, such as
enhancing your skin, improving sleep quality, losing weight, aiding digestion, and eliminating
morning-after brain fog and hangxiety.

In terms of weight loss, the way alcohol affects the storage of energy from food can make it
difficult to shed pounds. Personally, when I embarked on my alcohol-free journey in September
2022, I lost 30 pounds within two months and have successfully maintained it through a healthy
diet, replacing alcohol with THC-infused beverages, seltzers, syrups, and tinctures like Chill
Medicated, and engaging in regular workouts, gym sessions, and yoga.

Substitute Alcohol with a Cannabis-Infused Beverage


In social settings, especially if you frequently attend gatherings and networking events, it might initially feel odd to participate without a drink in hand. However, you don’t have to go empty-handed– nowadays there are alternative options available. Prior to your next event, consider stopping by a local dispensary like Gage Cannabis Co. to pick up a 4-pack of Hi5’s or a Treeworks Tincture to bring along with you. For me, this was one of the more difficult hurdles to overcome, but I quickly learned that I wasn’t alone when it came to a shift to a more mindful way of consumption when mingling.

Motivation & Focus

When life gives you Super Lemon Haze from Happy Valley, you smoke that in the morning to start your day! This strain will make your lips pucker and tongue salivate from the scent of lemon peels in your jar. If there is one cultivar that will remind you of what it felt like the first time you tried NYC Piff #3, it is Super Lemon Haze. Forget a cup of coffee, the Haze train will conduct your day giving you the motivation you need to crush your morning lift and dominate your work day.

Terpenes to Look for

If you’re the type of guy or gal who enjoys a caffeinated beverage such as Celsius and likes a freshly packed joint throughout the day, a strain with higher amounts of Limonene and Terpinolene may not be for you. I tend to opt for a strain that has both Limonene and Terpinolene–but also, everyone’s favorite: Myrcene. It isn’t easy to cultivate a flower with a terpene profile for everybody, but Gilz Nilz by Central Harvest is my go-to every day. This strain allows me to get in the zone and find my flow.

On the Go Edibles

For an on-the-go cannabis enthusiast like myself, the Go Betty Go are a must-have! When I am looking for a little pick-me-up, I always have a bag of Betty’s with me. These tasty, watermelon chews are formulated with a boost of L-theanine, natural caffeine from coffee, and a blend of THC and THCV, giving you the energy you need to prove the lazy stoner narrative wrong!

Ommm My Way To Smoke A Jay

Lauren Pray Participating in a "Lifted Yoga" Class

One of the most cherished ways I’ve integrated cannabis into my wellness routine is by participating in “Lifted Yoga” classes facilitated by incredible instructors here in Massachusetts. While it’s no secret that yogis have been incorporating plant medicine into their practices for centuries, this experience may be new to many. The use of cannabis deepens the connection between mind and body, allowing you to truly drop in, check in with yourself, and engage in meditation at a level that may initially feel unfamiliar but ultimately empowering.

As Lyndsey Ellen, one of my favorite cannabis Mavens, wisely says, “Get out of your head, and into your body.” Embracing this mindset, you can let go of any lingering anxiousness, stress, or awkward moments that may still be weighing on your mind weeks later, and simply be present in the moment. It’s truly the best gift you can give yourself—an opportunity to experience a sense of sweet release and connection.

If you are interested in exploring Lifted Yoga for yourself, Diaspora Experiences and Dinner At Mary’s host lifted yoga sessions monthly at 33 Church St. Cambridge, MA, and every Sunday at 11AM Brandy Lefsyk, Hometown Yogi teaches a Lifted Class at Home and Heart Studio located at 30 Whitney St. Orange, MA.

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Lauren Pray, a Massachusetts native, is a passionate specialist in Public Relations, Marketing, Branding, and Content Creation, dedicated to expanding both our community and industry. Empowered as a woman, she actively works towards elevating females within her field and combating the lingering stigma surrounding cannabis use.

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