Have you ever really paid attention to cannabis product labels? Most people don’t even glance at the packaging before they start to roll a joint or pop a gummy. However, reading cannabis product labels can educate you about your purchase from your trusted Massachusetts dispensary and help you make more informed decisions in the future.

Here’s a rundown of what you can learn about your favorite flower or edible from cannabis packaging labels.

Indica or Sativa?

When you look at your cannabis product label, it will indicate whether the item you’ve picked is a sativa, indica, or hybrid.

Sativas tend to make you feel more active and ready to face the day. You can smoke a sativa strain with your morning coffee for an extra boost, or vape before a party to give you the energy to dance the night away. Medically, sativa may help with anxiety and depression.

Smoking or vaping a high-quality indica will make you feel relaxed and calm. It’s generally best to use an indica If you want to chill out on the couch and listen to music or watch a funny movie. If you suffer from insomnia, try an indica gummy before bed. Indica strains can also be extremely helpful to treat chronic pain.

There are hybrid strains that blend the benefits of both sativa and indica. Each strain has its own unique blend, so check the cannabis product label to see the percentage of each, or ask a budtender at our dispensary in Ayer, Massachusetts to fill you in.

Strain information on cannabis product labels

If you read a cannabis product label, you might see silly names for each strain, like Rainbow Road, Light Saber, Kitchen Sink, and Bootylicious. What the heck do these names really mean?

Basically, strains are different breeds of cannabis, and the growers have cultivated each one to have a certain effect. Some strains are better for pain relief, while others might make you feel happy and giddy. There are over 700 strains of cannabis to try to find the perfect high!

Strains can be different in a few ways, and one of the most prominent is their terpenes. Terpenes alter how the cannabis smells and tastes, as well as its psychoactive and medicinal effects.

Not sure which strain to buy first? Budtenders at your favorite recreational dispensary can help you look over our Massachusetts dispensary menu and pick out some new products to try.

THC/CBD percentage on cannabis product labels

Wondering how strong your cannabis product is? That answer lies in the percentage of cannabinoids in the strain.

When you look at your cannabis product label, you’ll see percentages or mg of THC and CBD. These are the main cannabinoids you need to know on the label.

If an edible or pre-roll has THC, it will contain a THC logo on its cannabis product label. THC is a compound in cannabis that gets you high and produces a euphoric effect. The larger the percentage on the THC label, the stronger the psychoactive effects will be.

CBD will not get you high and is typically used medicinally. If there’s a high CBD percentage on a cannabis product label and a lower THC percentage, it won’t make you feel as high.

If you’re looking to cannabis for medical benefits, THC and CBD can be used to treat different conditions. Many medical patients look for strains with balanced THC and CBD, as they work well together to treat conditions like pain or insomnia.

Some THC labels will break the strain down even further and include percentages of lesser known cannabinoids, including CBG, CBN, CBC, THCV, and CBDV. This information is relevant if you’re a weed connoisseur, but you can rely on the employees at your cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts to have the knowledge to find the right strain for you.

Make sure you look at dosing instructions before you take an edible. The THC warning label should tell you how many mg of THC are in the entire container, as well as the serving size. Take it slow your first time to avoid a bad reaction.

Growing and seller information

The cannabis product label will tell you where you purchased the item. Dispensary labels can be a big help if you want to order again or find a similar product later.

You’ll also be able to learn which farm produced your cannabis and which company did the curing and trimming. Most labels will also contain a lot number so you can check your product if items are recalled.


Love edibles? You can check the edible warning label to find out exactly what ingredients are in your brownie or gummies. The product information should also tell you the nutrition facts about the edible like calories and vitamins.

The cannabis label will list any allergens the product contains like soy, nuts, or gluten. If a product is vegan, it will usually be included prominently on the packaging as well.

Expiration dates

Your cannabis product label will have an expiration date, no matter whether it’s on flower, a tincture, or an edible.

Despite label requirements, your cannabis will still be safe to use after that date, but it might lose some of its potency. Experts recommend using your flower within one year of the purchase date.

Warnings on cannabis product labels

Cannabis packaging laws require THC products to be carefully labeled due to state regulations in Massachusetts. All products will include a cannabis warning label so it’s obvious that they should only be used by people who are 21 or older.

All cannabis products must be tamper evident and resealable to keep kids safe. A part of the cannabis product label will also warn pregnant or breastfeeding people that using cannabis can result in issues with the baby.

Once you’ve looked at a few cannabis product labels, it will be much easier to choose the strain and products that are right for you.

Ready to place your first cannabis order at your nearest dispensary? Visit our recreational cannabis dispensary in Ayer, Massachusetts or start a preorder online to get started today!

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