Cured resin and live resin are quickly becoming favorites with cannabis consumers and concentrate lovers. These products contain an abundant amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural cannabis flavors. How are these concentrates made? What are the differences between the two? In this article, Gage Cannabis answers questions Massachusetts adult-use cannabis consumers may have about these popular products.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is made from freshly harvested, uncured cannabis, which is unlike most other cannabis concentrates. Many consumers believe that this form of concentrate helps to preserve freshness as well as the terpene profiles of their favorite strains.

This form of concentrate is also very potent, having a high level of THC. Traditionally, extraction labs use solvents like butane to produce live resin concentrates. Fresh-frozen, solventless live rosin is a popular cannabis concentrate in the Massachusetts adult-use market.

Solventless concentrates are produced using intense heat and pressure that are applied to cannabis trichomes. Live resin and live rosin are very similar products, the only difference being that the rosin extraction process uses no solvents.

How is Live Resin Made?

By the time dried and cured cannabis flower gets to the consumer, these aromas and flavors may start to fade. Once the curing process is over, the flower can lose up to half of these flavors and aromas. This is why many consumers consider live resin a superior product.

This process usually involves either freezing the harvested plant in dry ice or dipping it in a vessel with liquid nitrogen. The plants are kept frozen until the concentrate or extract process begins. Some live resin is made by altering the process, which depends on the facility.

The live resin product usually contains more terpenes and can have a better flavor than shatter, wax, or hash oil. Many connoisseurs believe that this form of concentrate does a better job of preserving the cannabinoids and terpene profiles than any other cannabis concentrate.

What is Cured Resin?

Cured resin utilizes dried cannabis that has been put through the curing process. Smoking cured buds of cannabis flower is a much more enjoyable experience, but using them for concentrates is much different.

Generally speaking, there is no clear-cut difference in quality or potency between cured resin vs live resin. It comes down to individual preference when consumers decide what their favorite concentrates are.

Cured Resin vs Live Resin – What’s the Difference?

In addition to how your cannabis concentrates are processed, there are different schools of thought as to what makes the best source of plant material for these products. Concentrates typically have labels that read either ‘cured’ or ‘live’.

As previously mentioned, cured resin utilizes dried buds. The difference between cured vs live resin is simple: cured concentrates contain a source flower that has undergone the curing process, while live concentrates have not.

To reach its optimum potency, flavor, and smoothness, harvested cannabis flower is put through a process known as curing. This process slowly removes the natural moisture in the cannabis plant, making for a smoother and more potent consumption experience. However, the process of curing may lead to removing some of the natural terpenes and other compounds found in the plant.

Live concentrates are produced using plant material that is frozen immediately after harvest. The plant matter is usually flash-frozen with dry ice or liquid nitrogen. The plant material is either thawed or placed in an ice bath before beginning the process, depending on the concentrate being made.

Skipping the curing process can lead to a concentrate product that better retains the plant’s natural cannabinoid and terpene profile. Live concentrates may differ in price from cured concentrates, as they require an extra step in the freezing process.

What are the Benefits of Resin Concentrates?

Whether it is cured or live, the resin concentrate can have some benefits including relief from the symptoms of anxiety and chronic pain, help with sleeping problems, and increased appetite. If you consume resin concentrates in moderation, you may get more benefits from resin concentrates than from the original flower.

For instance, an adult-use consumer might take a few vaporizer puffs to help them fall asleep. The cured resin version of that strain could provide the same effect with just one inhale.

Adult-use Massachusetts consumers can achieve the same effect from fewer dabs of resin concentrates than from a joint of flower. This can perhaps save money as well.

Cured Resin vs Live Resin is very different from the residue that collects in your pipe or bong after smoking flower. The resin left over from smoking is not recommended for consumption.

Cured Resin vs Live Resin: Gage Has All the Cannabis Concentrates!

Wherever you fall in the cured resin vs live resin debate, Gage Cannabis Co. has you covered. We have all the high-quality cannabis concentrates Massachusetts adult-use cannabis consumers love. Before you stop in and see us here in Ayer, be sure to peruse our Gage Cannabis Menu.

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As always, please consume cannabis concentrates responsibly.

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