While the Ocimene terpene is not found in abundance in your favorite cannabis strains, it is still important to learn about. In this article, Gage Cannabis Co. covers the flavors and aromas of Ocineme, the strains you’ll find it in, and the potential benefits of this complex compound.

Before we dive in, you’ll want to read up on Terpenes 101, if you haven’t already.

What is Ocimene?

Pronounced “oh-sih-meen”, the Ocimene terpene is a secondary compound in the cannabis plant. It is prevalent in perfumes and cosmetics. Unlike primary terpenes such as Limonene and Humulene, Ocimene is found in less abundance in cannabis.

However, there are several examples of plants that contain notable amounts of Ocimine, including mangoes, pepper, orchids, basil, mint, and parsley. Even though the scents of other terpenes will fill your nostrils, you have still probably sniffed some strains containing Ocimene.

This complex and unique compound has a woody and herbaceous aroma and flavor. Ocimene also contains some hints of sweetness and notes of citrus. Thanks to the scent profile of this terpene, you’ll also find it as an additive in colognes, perfumes, and many other cosmetic products.

Cannabis Strains Containing the Ocimene Terpene

Research suggests a variety of plants that contain the Ocimene terpene could benefit from the compound’s anti-pest properties. This terpene could have helped shape some of your favorite Indica strains, boosting a plant’s natural defense mechanism, and enabling them to survive harsh weather conditions.

Plants with the Ocimene terpene will secrete oils that can protect them against pests that can wreak havoc on their leaves, stems, and the like. These harmful pests are mostly aphids. An example of a similar function in natural-world plants is when flowers secrete citrus oil to detract mosquitos but attract bees.

Strains that contain noticeable amounts of the Ocimene terpene include Jack Herer, Dutch Treat, Amnesia, Golden Pineapple, and Clementine. The amount of this terpene in a particular strain of cannabis can vary quite a bit, but some strains do contain relatively high levels of Ocimene. Ocimene content in a specific strain varies more than that of its terpene relatives, but the ones we just listed do contain a larger-than-average amount of it.

As such, Ocimene is rarely the first terpene listed for any strain you’ll find at your nearest dispensary. However, this compound does show up as a second or third terpene. As an example, Amnesia is a strain where Ocimene is the second most abundant terpene, after its primary Limonene.

Does Ocimene Get You High?

Because terpenes are non-psychoactive like THC, the Ocimene terpene alone will not get you high. However, this compound is one of the many that make up the entourage effect, by which the myriad of compounds in cannabis act synergistically upon the consumer.

When combined with cannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBN, and other terpenes, Ocimene could play a role in the entourage effect. This means that the way Massachusetts dispensary customers feel after enjoying a pre-roll of Clementine from Gage Cannabis Co could very well be affected by Ocimene.

As with so many things in the wonderful world of cannabis, more unbiased research is necessary to determine the validity of the entourage effect theory. It’s important to note that the entourage effect tends to refer to whole-plant cannabis medicine and that individual consumers respond differently to every strain.

Potential Health Benefits of the Ocimene Terpene

Because the Ocimene terpene is a minor compound compared to its relatives like Limonene and Myrcene, it’s difficult to isolate and study its potential health benefits. As a result, there have been few studies conducted specifically on this compound found in cannabis. However, there are some studies on Ocimene which use oil derived from a variety of plants.

The first example of such studies indicates that Ocimene could provide some effective anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Researchers isolated Ocimene found in Citrus unshiu, which is a semi-seedless fruit closely related to mandarin oranges and tangerines with Asian origins.

Through their research, the authors of this study discovered that Ocimene makes up 5.6 percent of the oil derived from the Citrus unshiu. This is perhaps the highest concentration of Ocimene found in any plant. This could help to suppress bodily inflammatory substances such as those commonly contained in the hormone histamine.

Histamine plays a key role in the functions of our immune system, and most consumers are familiar with antihistamine pharmaceuticals. The study on the chemical composition of the Ocimene terpene indicates that citrus oil containing it may reduce the need for these pills, which is attractive to many cannabis consumers.

In another study, researchers uncovered that the Ocimene terpene may offer benefits for people living with diabetes. The authors of the study suggest that black pepper oil acts as an antioxidant and may inhibit enzymes that cause diabetic symptoms.

In Conclusion: Ocimene Terpene

Like many terpenes found in cannabis, Ocimene is understudied and its benefits may be overlooked. After reading this article though, you now know the facts. The next time you inhale a strain that tastes woody, citrusy, and sweet, you may have the Ocimene terpene to thank.

As cannabis legalization progresses onward, so will research on these fascinating compounds like the Ocimene terpene. Nature has been sending us hints about how beneficial terpenes are for centuries. And it’s only a matter of time before humans catch up to this fact and unlock the true potential of these valuable natural compounds.

Wake Up and Smell the Gage

Ocimene is just one of the many terpenes you can experience at the Aroma Bar here at Gage Cannabis Co. At Gage, we are an adult-use dispensary in Massachusetts that takes our terpenes very seriously.

Each one of our terp-tenders is terpene certified and is well-versed in the knowledge of these compounds. We believe that cannabis consumers tend to shop with scent as the strongest sense, and that “the nose knows” what is good cannabis, and what isn’t.

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